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Statement of Understanding

Between SLO VOAD and Member Organizations

I. Purpose

The purpose of this statement is to establish a working relationship between the Member Organization and SLO VOAD. This agreement provides a broad framework for cooperation in identifying and coordinating services to survivors of disaster in a manner that is consistent with the missions of the Member Organization and SLO VOAD.

II. Definition of a Disaster

A disaster is an event that causes or has the potential to cause disruptions to patterns of normal living for a significant number of people. Disasters may be either natural or human caused. Examples of disasters include earthquakes, floods, fires, hazardous material incidents, civil unrest and terrorism.

III. Methods of Cooperation

SLO VOAD will:

  1. Establish contact and maintain liaison with the Member Organization prior to and following a disaster.
  2. Provide leadership to develop coalitions that will strengthen the ability of individual organizations to assist disaster survivors.
  3. Facilitate the establishment of staff and organizational preparedness priorities for the Member Organization by providing training and forums.
  4. Gather, coordinate, and disseminate information through its network. In addition, it will facilitate linkages of providers of disaster goods and resources with communities and organizations that have disaster-related needs.
  5. Provide linkages for Member Organizations with government Emergency Operations Centers.
  6. Provide reports of the impact a disaster has to Member Organizations and the populations they serve to government, the media, and other interested parties. It is not the intent of SLO VOAD to speak for or represent specific Member Organizations. Inquiries regarding programs or services of Member Organizations will be referred to those organizations.
  7. Assist Member Organizations in their efforts to request financial reimbursement and post-disaster contracts and grants by transmitting information about potential funding opportunities.

The Member Organization will:

  1. Prepare its organization for disaster by developing an organizational disaster mission statement and disaster response plan and will file these with SLO VOAD.
  2. Participate in SLO VOAD planning processes, disaster exercises, and post-exercise evaluations that serve to strengthen the facilitation of linkages of goods and resources following a disaster.
  3. Gather information following a disaster about the organization’s needs, services, and resources and communicate that information to the point of contact designated by SLO VOAD.

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