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Rick London

United Way of San Luis Obispo County

(805) 541-1234 Ext 10


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United Way of San Luis Obispo County
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(805) 541-1234 Ext 10

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San Luis Obispo
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(805) 541-1234
Fax (805) 543-5317

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3c. PLN: Volunteer Management
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Resources - Services
Human Services:
* 6 – Staff on hand for phone calls, referrals and spontaneous volunteer coordination at the main office in San Luis Obispo
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Material Resources:
* Limited amount of emergency funds available
Mission / Objectives
Mission: To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

Vision: To build a stronger, healthier, more compassionate community in San Luis Obispo by focusing on education, income and health.

United Way of San Luis Obispo County (UWSLO) addresses local needs as determined by our local communities. By encouraging our community members to give, advocate and volunteer, we seek to highlight critical health and human service issues and to focus support and contributions where the need is greatest. UWSLO partners with local agencies, businesses, service organizations, governments and individuals, drawing together diverse collaborations of stakeholders to work towards eliminating the root causes that perpetuate unacceptable social issues. By concentrating on education, income and health, UWSLO is able to advance the common good by making long-lasting changes and increasing the quality of life for county residents.
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