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Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

San Luis Obispo County


Our Mission

When disasters strike, lives, homes, communities, and businesses may be damaged or destroyed. Those affected often need substantial short-term and long-term support to put their lives back together.  Community organizations, working in coordination with governmental first responders, provide vital assistance. 

We promote communication, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among community organizations, faith-based groups, and government agencies with the goal of streamlining service delivery to people affected by disasters while eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort.

Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member, you will be able to:

  • Increase your organization’s disaster preparedness.
  • Participate in seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities.
    Share services or resources with other disaster-response organizations.
  • Promote your organization throughout the county.
  • Network with other people dedicated to serving the diverse communities of San Luis Obispo County.
  • Help support our community during  disasters.

Upcoming events

Our Services

We encourage and provide the following:

  • Education. Training to increase disaster preparedness of organizations and community members.
  • Convening. Meetings, seminars, and local conferences to enhance preparedness.
  • Outreach. Guidance to organizations that already are or want to become active in disaster relief.
  • Mitigation. Support for efforts of federal, state, and local agencies and governments.
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